that your players worldwide will love


that your players worldwide will love


We work with both localization companies and individual clients.
Game localization
Localization means translating and adapting a game so that language intricacies and cultural nuances of the target country, region, or audience are accounted for. Localization quality can have a huge effect on your success in a new market. Here are some things it can help you do:

  • Grow your audience.
  • Retain players.
  • Get featured.
  • Increase LTV.
  • Improve your marketplace search result position.

We work with both publishers and developers, and localize mobile, desktop, browser, and console games into more than 70 languages. We'll even help you choose a region and make sure every nuance and request is covered (we know just how important that is).
Game localization testing
Localization testing is a fantastic way to ensure your product is perfect before you release it. Here are some things it can help you do:

  • Get certified on consoles.
  • Get featured.

Even the smallest detail can give players a bad impression of your game. If you don't want all your work attracting new players to be for nothing, do LQA.


LocZilla is a small team with tons of experience. Everyone here has worked in game localization for 6 years or more. We're incredibly market-savvy, spend a lot of time at gaming conventions, and are connected with developers from all over the world!

We're well-versed in game genres and platforms. We can tell you what speech styles work best for which ones. And we can keep your game within a certain age rating while providing high-quality translation and cultural adaptation, preserving all the things that make your game unique!
Our mission is to raise the bar for game localization. We want to prove how important high-quality game localization is by helping developers and publishers successfully reach new markets and win
over new players worldwide.
— The
LocZilla team


Besides the fact that we provide you with a personal manager and availability in your time zone :)
Modern software
We use cutting-edge, convenient, and user-friendly localization software. This means we can work fast and produce higher-quality localization.
Honest prices
We're a small team, so you only pay for the work done by people who are directly responsible for the final quality (translators, editors, managers, and testers).
Support system
A full-time team of translators, editors, and testers for all updates and game materials.
We're a young company, but everyone here has at least 6 years of experience in the gaming industry. We keep an eye on new developments in the industry, stay connected with opinion leaders, attend professional conferences, and know everything about games and how to localize them right.
Translators and testers
Our requirements to be part of our team are: love games and know your way around them, and have masterful command of both the source language and your native language. All our language professionals go through a careful selection process and work on projects in the genres they are best in.
Individual approach
Want control over every step of the localization process? We'll give you an account where you can keep an eye on our progress and talk with the team. Want to just hand over your text and get a perfect, final translation before your deadline? We'll do everything ourselves.


Request received
We accept inquiries on our site or by email ( You'll get a quick response!
Details, details, details
We ask clarifying questions, calculate a budget and decide on deadlines, and choose a communication platform (E-mail, Slack, Telegram, etc.).
Get ready to start
We agree on the most convenient payment method and, if necessary, sign a contract. Your personal manager is assigned at this stage.
Choose your fighters
We choose our translators and editors based on the genre and specific details of your game. We'll study any reference materials and play the game (if you can provide a build).
Our team translates the texts using a special platform. We create a glossary, ensure consistency, preserve tags, and just generally do everything to make sure you get high-quality results. You'll be able to keep an eye on the process 24/7 and answer our questions from right within the platform.
Quest complete
We send you back the localized texts before the agreed-upon deadline, preserving the original format and internal structure.
Test twice, release once (LQA)
We don't recommend skipping this step! Linguistic testing helps you be sure all text fits in the space alloted, and that there are no context errors or cosmetic bugs (overflow, lines cut off, illegible font).
Rates from $0.03 to $0.15 per source word.

Pricing depends on the language, volume, quality, and complexity of the source text. Translating 10 words for a menu and 10 words of a poem are completely different tasks that require different skills and different amounts of time.


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